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Post by IraqiCOD/Abz on Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:01 pm

I have set up a group text chat on PSN for all FNC players called "FNC Players Chat" I will invite people from the tournament / league/ youtube Fight Night Champion community so we can chill, set up fights & have discussions, it's all very easy and very convinent instead of sending countless single messages to your friends, you can just chill in this chat room and speak to us all, easy for everyone, and don't worry, we're all nice people and all FNC players. Make sure you always join the chatroom whenever you're on your PS3 and invite your FNC friends & Please spread the message. - IraqiCOD / Abz

Also, Please remember I do not have to keep reinviting you to the chat. Whenever you sign off your PS3 you will automatically leave, so all you have to do is go on the "Friends" on the XMB and go on "Chat Room (Text Only) and you will see the "FNC Players Chat" and all you have to do is rejoin, if you accidently delete the chat just message me, PSN: IraqiCOD and I'll invite you back, also if the chats get annoying you can simply leave temporarily and join back the same way I said! Smile If you want to join the chat and I don't have you added, please add me: IraqiCOD and let me know! Thanks guys

p.s. please try to ALWAYS be in the chat, even if its empty, it encourages people to keep joining, and please try to copy paste this and send it to your fight night champion friends on ps3 and invite them, means a lot Smile!

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